Aparito is proposing a platform that provides wearable devices and disease-specific mobile apps to provide remote patient monitoring outside of the hospital environment. This continued monitoring provides real-time data for clinicians to capture subtle differences in ambulation and sleeping patterns, which can’t be conveyed during short, snapshot clinic visits, in a way that actively supports and enhances diagnosis, treatment and drug development. Aparito is also developing a tool that can measure differences in speech patterns.

Elin said following her success:

It’s a real achievement for us and we are so proud of the innovative team who have been working so hard to develop the technology”. Aparito are going from strength to strength with a number of projects in development and a study taking place over the next few weeks in South Africa.

Dr Elin Haf Davies, CEO of Aparito

This week’s awards success caps off a remarkable 18 months for the Wrexham Technology business park start up. In December Aparito won the title of ‘Best Startup’ at the Mediwales Innovation Awards 2017. Elin spent much of her time as a paediatric nurse caring for children with rare diseases. She conducted redundant, time-consuming, and often painful tests in order to monitor each patient’s health. After feeling this method was inefficient Elin came up with the idea of remote patient realtime monitoring. With the help of a team of diverse backgrounds, Aparito was born. Together we share the goal of improving the lives of individuals with rare diseases.