Atom5TM combines video capture & analysis with wearable device data and electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) to provide richer eCOA and develop novel digital endpoints with unparalleled insight into disease burden and disease progression.

If you need to

  • capture passive, digital, remote measurements that meet patient and regulator needs
  • act on the FDA mandate on patient-focused outcome measurement
  • identify and/or develop COAs that can be tracked over time and are sensitive to change
  • know more about how to use wearables & video assessments to accelerate drug development

Aparito can go from requirements to configuration in just five days with ready-to-launch pre-built, pre-approved instruments.

vCOA: Video Capture & Analysis

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Atom5™ video eCOA enables clinicians to capture unprecedented insights in the clinic and at home using our validated assessments.

  • Pose estimation software is used to identify and track specific points on the body from patient-uploaded videos
  • Measurements are compared against healthy controls and monitored as part of the progression of an individual over the course of the study
  • Machine Learning (ML) enables automation of the video analytics once clinically validated and removes the need for clinician review of each video


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Reduce the burden of in-person visits amongst vulnerable patients and increase the reach of your clinical trials with the Atom5™ Telemedicine module.

Telemedicine enables HCPs to hold consultations direct with patients anywhere in the world using real-time video calls via our safe and secure platform.

Wearable Devices


Atom5™ integrates with any device that has an available API/SDK, such as wearable or medical devices, to enable a wider range of passive data capture capabilities and observe previously unseen patterns linked to sleep, activity levels, and other digitally-captured behaviours


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The Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) module is fully configurable and tracks actual patient outcome scores in addition to measuring each patient against the cohort.

Our technology also has personalised branching for response based data capture, making data capture more dynamic.

Our Credentials

21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Cyber Essentials Plus
ISO 13485
ISO 27001
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