Gather both objective and subjective participant data in a standardised and compliant manner. Aparito’s eCOA Library seamlessly integrates eClinROs, ePROs, ePerfOs, eObsROs, and digital measures, allowing you to reveal clinically relevant insights instantly.

vCOA: Video Capture & Analysis

video capture walking landscape

Atom5™ video eCOA enables clinicians to capture unprecedented insights in the clinic and at home using our validated assessments.

Wearable Devices


Atom5™ integrates with any device that has an available API/SDK, such as wearable or medical devices, to enable a wider range of passive data capture capabilities and observe previously unseen patterns linked to sleep, activity levels, and other digitally-captured behaviours


D6MWT on app in use

The ePRO module is fully configurable and tracks actual patient outcome scores in addition to measuring each patient against the cohort.

Our technology also has personalised branching for response based data capture, making data capture more dynamic.

Aparito eCOA Library

The Aparito eCOA library is a dynamic collection of pre-configured assessments available in multiple languages. These assessments have been curated and validated to facilitate the rapid setup of future studies and feature ePROs, eCOA and ADLs.

Our Credentials

21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Cyber Essentials Plus
ISO 13485
ISO 27001
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