Conducting clinical trials successfully does not only mean having adequate protocols, recruitment and patient adherence but also the capabilities to analyse the results obtained from those trials. 

The data science team at Aparito enhance your clinical trial data analysis plan by introducing techniques such as computer vision, image & signal processing, and time-series analyses, combined with Machine Learning (ML) tools to provide rich insights.

Clinical evidence can be collected from various sources including Randomised Clinical trial (RCT), which is still referred to as the “Gold Standard ” in the scientific community, via observational study or via a systematic review, meaning a comparison of multiple clinical studies. But whether it is for an RCT or an observational study, the quality of evidence is meaningless without proper data analysis and interpretation. 

Understanding how to collect and analyse clinical data and their relevance can be complicated. It requires a good understanding of study design (Design) as well as statistical knowledge (Statistics) to extract the relevant information. The reality of clinical trials shows there is often a lack of guidance and discrepancies in how statistical analysis is carried out (Reality).  

There are some key points to address when analysing clinical data and extrapolating its findings (or not) to the patients. Or in other words, reflecting upon the limitations or the validity of the study and deciding if the data could apply to the patients who would receive the treatment in terms of safety and efficacy. Since the population studied in a clinical trial is only a sample of the whole population and needs to be as representative as possible (Participation).

The following example (Trial during covid) shows how an RCT on digitoxin was conducted and analysed during the COVID-19 crisis. This unique situation with no precedent forced the scientists to re-think and adapt their clinical trials to overcome the major impact caused by the pandemic.

Because insightful data analysis is integral to successful studies, the Atom5TM platform and the data science team that augment its findings can play a pivotal role in your clinical trials. 

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