We believe people with rare diseases should have access to treatments that genuinely improve the quality of their lives.

Aparito streamlines the drug development process by integrating specialist clinical and regulatory knowledge with technology for gathering patient-generated data outside of hospital.

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Our purpose

Developing treatments for patients with rare diseases is challenging. Although labelled ‘rare’, there are more than 6,000 rare diseases that affect 350m people.


By collecting continuous patient-generated data outside of the hospital setting, throughout the drug development process, Aparito provides solutions to capture the “disease in motion” - a unique opportunity to understand more accurately how a patient is feeling and functioning. This reduces the burden on patients, with fewer visits and hospital-based tests and assessments. 


Aparito solutions also make it feasible to conduct long-term patient follow-up, with remote and decentralised monitoring. Together, these approaches allow us to better plan drug development programmes, with clinical trials providing a richer dataset to support marketing authorisation and healthcare utility data to support market access.

COVID-19 Response



Aparito is delighted to announce that we are joining the fight against COVID-19 using our flagship platform Atom5™.

For Life Sciences 


Aparito supports the development, access and monitoring of promising therapies for children and patients with rare conditions using innovative data collection technology.


We combine in-house expertise in drug development for rare diseases and paediatrics using the most effective regulatory strategies.


Data is captured using a choice of wearable technologies and delivered via a digital platform which means that 99.9% of the clinical trial journey will be experienced outside of the clinical environment. Our platform is disease agnostic but our approach is disease specific. By integrating our technology into a drug development programme from the very start, we can:

  • Create a comprehensive Natural History Study

  • Create a disease-specific and digitally enabled Patient Reported Outcome instrument to convey patient impact and help assess QoL. 


  • Map the patient pathway through the healthcare system. 


  • Keep patients engaged. 

For Patients

We put the patient experience at the heart of our service design, working closely with patient groups to ensure that our technology fits their needs and is integrated into drug development programmes from the earliest phase. 


Aparito supported trials are better for patients:

  • Mobile apps and wearable devices are tailored to a specific disease. They deliver relevant, real-time data to clinicians for faster diagnosis, treatment and drug development  

  • Remote monitoring offers additional features not available through traditional hospital-based research, minimising hospital visits, capturing data on physiological parameters such as heart rate, ambulation, sleep patterns, and other data capture options depending on the disease manifestation

  • Remote, decentralised deployment limits the geographical and feasibility impact on patient trial recruitment and reduces the burden on patients and their families.

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