The Aparito Patient Group Accelerator Programme (Accelerator) addresses the high unmet needs of patient communities by co-developing new digital biomarkers with patient groups.

Patient Group Accelerator Programme boy in wheelchair

Utilising Atom5TM, our patient-facing smartphone and web app to collect & analyse data, patient groups who join our programme benefit from a purpose-built technology solution.

About the Patient Group Accelerator Programme

For a medicine to be authorised, clinical efficacy and safety need to be established, usually through robust and relevant clinical trial data. There are several unique challenges in the development of orphan diseases treatments. Low patient numbers, an incomplete understanding of the disease pathology, phenotypic heterogeneity, and a lack of established endpoints are barriers to efficient and effective clinical trials.

A key aspect is the choice and selection of the primary and key secondary efficacy endpoints: a reliable, valid, sensitive, interpretable and meaningful endpoint is vital to a well-designed study. This is necessary both as the basis to demonstrate the clinical impact of any therapeutic intervention and to stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Aparito launched the Accelerator programme in 2020 to provide an initiative where a company and patient community, with the support of patient advocacy groups, can collaborate as peers.

The Accelerator is designed to understand and ideally fulfil the patients’ needs, by working closely with patient organisations and finding new endpoints that would be relevant to their specific conditions. 

By developing technological solutions, novel endpoints and digital biomarkers designed for and with the patients, the objective is to collect sufficient exploratory data as a starting point for future validation and use in clinical trials. 

The first part of the program started in 2020 with two patient groups that help patients living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD).

Working with the patients from the beginning until the end of the process makes the novelty of the Patient Accelerator Program. It means a full partnership, from the development to the final design and user testing.