We were delighted that Aparito was selected as a winner of EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global 2020 programme. The press release is shown below:
Winners of the pilot of EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global 2020 announced

In the pilot year of the Bridgehead Global programme, 21 awarded start-ups and scale-ups seek to expand their businesses beyond Europe. Their products that are ready for sale cover a wide range of technologies from prosthetics or drug testing to medical imaging. These solutions show an enormous impact on citizens that will make their lives easier and improve their overall health. In total 76 applications with a focus on biotech, medtech or digital health were evaluated by three independent jury members. The selected start-ups and scale-ups convinced the jury members in different categories like the innovativeness of their solution, their business model and traction in their home market, and their readiness to expand to beyond-European markets.

Entering a new market presents various challenges ranging from complex regulatory processes to identifying the right collaborators. To overcome these barriers, the EIT Health’s Bridgehead Global programme will support the participating companies by providing them access to experts and enablers. The highly individualised programme will help them reach new markets globally.

The Bridgehead Global programme will connect the chosen start-ups with its established network of so-called Global CATalysers. Supported by these best-in-class accelerators, incubators and clusters, the selected companies are taking their businesses outside of Europe. Contacts to potential customers, distributors as well as guidance on the regulatory and reimbursement systems will facilitate their market penetration in countries like the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan and many more.