We are pleased to announce the completion of recruitment for our study to validate the video Timed Up-and-Go (vTUG) as a means of monitoring Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients’ gait and balance at home.

Close monitoring of the disease in each patient is an approach that enabled us to develop the vTUG, an eCOA where weekly assessments provide a more meaningful measure of gait and balance than a conventional snapshot visit conducted once a year.

This study aims to validate the usability and feasibility of digital outcome assessments and the development of remote endpoints to follow up with patients living with PD, including progression of the disease, treatment effects and balance and, possibly testing the effect of new drugs within drug trial boundaries.

In this white paper, we explore the deployment of vTUG into the real world and how it enables follow-up of patients living with PD in their everyday lives.

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