Aparito is proud to be partnering with athlete Pip Hare as she embarks on her solo, round the world navigation as part of the Vendee Globe 2020.

With her boat Medallia, Pip will face 24,000 miles around the world, alone. No help, no stops and no turning back.

More men have walked on the moon than women that have completed the Vendee Globe, which is a major motivation for Pip.
During her time Pip will be using Aparito’s software platform Atom5™ to report real-time data on her physical and emotional well-being. Wearing a Garmin Vivosmart 4, minute by minute heart rate as well as other movement intensity parameters (including heart rate variability and Oxygen saturation) will be monitored as she battles the elements.

“Racing one of these incredible boats, for months on end, in some of the worlds toughest environments, challenges my body and my mind in so many ways. By sharing some of my biometric data with race followers I hope to create a more immersive spectator experience and to help people understand exactly what I am going through at any given time.”

Pip Hare

Research into how female athletes respond to endurance sport is few and far between. Much is to be learnt about how the body and the mind adapts to the physical demands and the emotional toll. This continuous monitoring will be a world first. With her sponsor Resilient Nutrition Pip has studied the best nutritional advice to keep her healthy and strong. She’ll be eating between 3000-4000 calories a day, but still likely to lose around 5-8kg in weight.

Aparito CEO, Dr Elin Haf Davies who has competed with and against Pip on a few off-shore sailing adventures, including their historic win as the first all-female team to win the Three Peaks Yacht Race in 2016 reported:

“I am absolutely delighted to be a small part of Pip’s epic efforts to sail around the world. Having competed in many endurance events, I am always surprised that so little science exists to support female athletes to perform at their best, to manage their monthly cycle and to utilise the power of the female brain to persevere. We hope that our collaboration with Pip will help many more women in the future prepare for what to expect when pushing their bodies to the limit.”

Elin Haf Davies – CEO Aparito

Pip will record daily logs of sleep, food intake and her mood via a race-specific app. Every three days Pip will be also asked to complete a memory or problem-solving test to assess how she responds to sleep deprivation and all the elements.