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Meet our Development and Deployment teams

Updated: Jul 9

Richard Boddy

Richard is a Project Manager at Aparito, whose role is to plan, manage, oversee and document all aspects of the projects. He has 12 years IT & project management experience working for the MoD, delivering projects in the UK and overseas, and 3 years’ experience managing a military tertiary care rehabilitation centre. Richard combines his technical project management skills and knowledge of the health care sector to help deliver the best possible product to our customers.

The Aparito Development team is led by our Chief Technology Officer Aleksa Vuktoc. Their key responsibilities are to design, test and maintain the Atom5™ digital platform for remote patient monitoring.

All associated functionality and configurations of the Aparito Atom5™ digital platform are made possible through the combined efforts of the team, with each project individually designed to successfully achieve the customers specific requirements. The Team currently has two full-stack developers and one software developer.

Ross Taylor-Turner

Ross is a Full-Stack developer at Aparito, whose role is to create and build the technology used for the Atom5™ digital platform, the mobile app and the clinician dashboard.  Ross has been a developer for 15 years, primarily writing software in the Java and Javascript languages. Ross’ interest is around devising time and cost-effective solutions for Aparito's customers.

Nathan Ducey

Nathan is a Full-Stack Developer at Aparito, whose role is to develop and enhance the Atom5™ digital platform mobile and web applications. Nathan has over 14 years experience in software development, in the NHS, local government, finance and oil and gas sectors. Nathan uses a range of software programming languages and frameworks. Nathan’s interests are around being able to provide solutions which help customers achieve their goals in more efficient, intuitive ways.

Matthew Buckley

Matthew is a software developer at Aparito, whose role is to focus on developing frontend apps. After achieving his PhD in Chemistry,

Matthew went on to learn web development and is currently using his experience in Javascript and React. Whilst at Aparito Matthew is being given the time and support to work towards becoming a full-stack developer.

The Aparito Deployment Team is led by our Head of Deployment Sam Odetoyinbo.

Their key responsibilities are to configure, test and deploy the Atom5™ digital platform and clinician facing portals. They meticulously review the customer’s specific requirements and actualise them into an effective and tangible product ready for the customer’s use.

Once the deployment team has conducted thorough testing it is then ready to be released to the customer. The Team currently has one Senior software deployment engineer and one software deployment engineer.

Sam Odetoyinbo

Sam is Head of Deployment at Aparito, whose role is to oversee the test and deployment team ensuring both teams collaborate efficiently. Sam has over 8 years experience in Automation/Manual testing using API, performance, automated, mobile and web testing tools across finance, public authority, retail and health. Sam’s interests are around the technical part of his role, learning about new innovations within the testing industry.

Amy - Louise

Amy-Louise is a Senior Software Deployment Engineer at Aparito, whose role is to configure, create, test and deploy the study systems for each customer project. Amy-Louise has one years experience in deployment and app scripting and 8 years experience in the clinical care/medical setting. Amy-Louise’s interests are around creating study systems that generate relevant data that enables greater patient engagement.

Georgi Yanakiev

Georgi is a Software Deployment Engineer at Aparito, whose role is to assist with the testing of each build of the software, reviewing the system for issues, and compiling scripts. Georgi has 10 years experience in the IT sector.

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