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Pharmaceutical companies need to get novel treatments to market quickly due to the ever-increasing cost of drug development; Aparito and the Atom5TM platform provide a platform for hybrid or fully decentralised clinical trials which can lead to faster trial completion.

Operating a decentralised clinical trial (DCT) deployment via a platform such as Atom5TM for a phase II study could save 1-3 months and yield a net benefit that is up to five times greater than the upfront investment, compelling numbers for pharmaceutical companies looking to prove efficacy and safety whilst accelerating their route to market.

Aparito understands the needs of pharma businesses and has the expertise to develop novel endpoints and incorporate RWE to help reduce time to market in pharmaceutical drug development.

Video Assessments, PROs, Telemedicine, EDC and eConsent, all via one smartphone app

Atom5™ provides unparalleled insight into disease burden and disease progression. It captures multiple high-frequency data points from video, voice, wearables, and electronic Patient Reported Outcomes, then analyse the results in conjunction with our team of data scientists to provide rich, real-time insights to clinical teams. 

Atom5™ operates under ISO143485 QMS and ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS accreditations and is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliant.

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