Aparito welcomes Data Scientist Clare Matthews to the team. Clare joined in May 2020 and brings 10 years of experience in applied mathematics and data analysis.

Clare has worked as a mathematician, data scientist and developer in both academia and industry. At the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) she provided statistical data analysis and modelling for a wide range of projects, such as the calibration of micro-thrusters used for steering satellites, optimisation of smart electricity grids, and data fusion for a network of sensors.

At the National Physical Laboratory she worked on a large European project to develop the capability for the dynamic calibration of pressure sensors, necessary to accurately measure pressure changes in engines. She developed a computational fluid dynamics model to aid in the design of the shock tube used to perform sensor calibrations and worked on signal processing techniques to calculate the uncertainty associated with the calibration. Clare also led the impact work associated with the project.

As a developer she worked on the creation of a big data platform for a large academic publishing company, pulling together data from multiple sources and generating statistics for an online reference management service.
She has worked with a telematics company and national insurance provider to create a vehicle crash detection algorithm for use on mobile and telematics devices. The algorithm was developed using data from incidents resulting in insurance claims, and uses sensors on a driver’s phone, or the blackbox device fitted to their vehicle, to trigger a real-time alert in the event that a serious crash is detected.

Her research career began at University College London, where she built a fracture-mechanics based model to study observations in seismic activity prior to eruptions at volcanoes with a long repose time.

More recently, at Bangor University, she has worked in the area of real-time summarisation of videos, primarily for the application of summarising daily events captured via wearable devices. Clare’s work at Aparito continues in this field of utilising video to capture data for medical purposes. Her focus is now on automatically rating eating skills from videos of mealtimes, allowing patients to be observed and assessed in their home environment.