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COVID-19 Workplace Solution

As communities around the world slowly reopen their economies, many employees are concerned about the prospect of returning to work.

An article published by Human Resource Executive indicates that seven in ten workers claim the coronavirus pandemic is the most stressful time of their professional career. In fact, 62% of workers reported losing at least one hour a day in productivity due to COVID related stress, with 32% losing more than two hours per day.

To address the growing concerns of both employees and employers returning to work, Aparito and Pulse Infoframe have formed a partnership to deliver an end-to-end solution that can help monitor the physical and psychological health and well-being of your workforce.

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Our online COVID-19 solution monitors coronavirus symptoms, as well as individual stress and anxiety levels about workplace exposure, social isolation, and the existing global economic climate.

  • Understand How Your Team is Feeling 

healthie™ COVID-19 Stress Monitor helps employees gauge their stress & anxiety level, providing a platform to share their concerns    

  • Monitor Coronavirus Symptoms

Monitor symptoms on a daily or weekly basis with Aparito’s  Atom5™ mobile app 

  • Access to Wellness Support & Resources

My Library tool helps employers centralize their various wellness resources and better share them with their employees. 

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