Aparito, a company transforming healthcare by unlocking real-world patient data through mobile apps and wearable devices, and Pulse Infoframe, a leading cloud-based healthcare data insights company delivering a holistic solution to foster collaboration and answer complex research, statistical and economical questions have announced a strategic partnership in rare disease.

The integrated approach will provide an extended offering to users and clients and enable greater insight into the disease burden of patients living with rare diseases. With end-to-end capabilities that link patient-generated data captured remotely via mobile apps and wearables with clinical data, the insight-rich analytics that result will be an invaluable new resource for the life science ecosystem and medicinal products life cycle. 

Our partnership with Pulse Infoframe is an exciting development in our steadfast commitment to deliver unparalleled value to patients and partners. This partnership extends our combined global footprint, which is especially relevant when developing new paths forward for those living with rare diseases. We look forward to growing from strength to strength.

Dr. Elin Haf Davies, Aparito Founder and CEO.

The partnership is addressing high unmet needs in rare disease where significant work remains to be done to increase knowledge of this community. By combining Aparito’s remote data collection approach with Pulse Infoframe’s rich data ecosystem, the solution will generate high quality real‐world evidence while maximizing the efficiency of development programmes. 

This is about excellence and service delivery to the rare disease community. The Aparito/Pulse partnership creates a new, convenient, and seamless pathway to capturing valuable data, from multiple data sources to create a comprehensive view of the impact of medical conditions, in the real-world. The combination of both companies’ expertise can transform the way clinical trials are conducted, leverage the true value of real-world data to accelerate research and collectively can propel science forward and improve the lives of patients and their families. Together, with Aparito, we are eager to serve this important community and address these unmet needs.

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Pulse Infoframe Founder and CEO

About Aparito

Aparito is a global health tech company that brings clinical trials to patients and unlocks real-world data through mobile apps, video assessments & wearable devices. They provide innovative patient-centric clinical trials solutions that integrate specialist medical & regulatory expertise to capture patient data and develop digital endpoints for hybrid and decentralised clinical trials. 

About Pulse Infoframe

Deployed globally and focused on cancer, rare disease, and chronic conditions,  Pulse’s transformative solution healthie™ is a technology platform designed to extract, curate, analyze and disseminate Real-World Data for the purpose of

  • Accelerating scientific research and advancing the delivery of new products to market
  • Optimizing the quality of patient care, while increasing operational efficiencies through workflow management
  • Establishing reimbursement, cost of therapy, and pricing strategies

healthie™ is a platform that encompasses a patient registry and health visualization solution. This GDPR and HIPAA-compliant platform can be described as a collaborative ecosystem that enables the gathering and sharing of information with many partners. Our healthie ecosystem enables patient advocacy, clinicians, patients and researcher partners to increase operational efficiencies by providing insights into complex data that are analyzed and rendered into an easy-to-understand visual display. This intuitive display, provided through a web interface, supports real-time data capture and thus simplifies workflow for building Patient, Natural History and Clinical registries. Pulse Infoframe’s mission is to deliver a holistic solution that answers complex research, statistical and economic questions.