New feature release, Patient Self-Onboarding

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Liam Eves

Wed Feb 19 2020 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Aparito: Transforming healthcare by unlocking real world patient data through mobile apps and wearable devices.

At Aparito we develop digital solutions to capture patient generated data remotely in clinical trials, has released a patient self-onboarding solution to its Atom5TMplatform. This solution reduces the burden of site visits for patients in Late Phase Research, as patients can consent and onboard themselves onto the study from the comfort of their own home, also reducing the cost of bringing patients in. 


Late Phase Research is undergoing rapid transformation due to the digitalisation and access to real world data. Coupled with a shifting regulatory landscape, there is increasing demand for Real World Evidence (RWE). In addition to supporting regulatory decisions, RWE is playing an ever-expanding role in designing feasible clinical trials and developing product value propositions that are driving reimbursement decisions globally.  At the same time, technology is enabling greater direct engagement with patients in their own home and in real-time 


Benefits for Sponsors;

  • Real-time data to detect efficacy/ effectiveness and safety signals sooner

  • RWE of patient benefit supports approval and payment decisions

  • Improved recruitment and retention rates due to reduced patient burden

  • Engagement and compliance strategies (e.g. reminders, gamification and rewards) reduce data loss

  • Enabling the conduct of assessments of clinical trials remotely at scale and without the logistical and cost burden of traditional site visits. 



Dr Elin Haf Davies, Chief Executive Officer at Aparito Ltd said:

"We are delighted to be working in this exciting space. Real World Data continues to be a key strategic area of focus for us, where we are seeing increasing demand for our technology [Atom5TMsoftware platform]. We see this move as a natural extension to our platform, which fundamentally makes it easier for patients to be involved in clinical research and excited to be recruiting our first patients globally next month.”

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